Diving in Aqaba


In general there are no strong currents. Only at some dive sites, a current may arise in the afternoon. Normal the visibility is between 25 and 50 meters, but after a day with a western wind, visibility can drop to 15 meters. Because the dive sites are all located in the Gulf, waves are relatively low. The tidal differences do not have much effect on the diving conditions.

Average Water and Air Temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit in Aqaba.

Month Air Temperature Sea Temperature
January 20°C 68°F 21°C 70°F
February 22°C   72°F 20°C 68°F
March 26°C 79°F 21° 70°F
April 31°C 88°F 22°C 72°F
May 35°C 95°F 23°C 73°F
June 38°C 100°F 24°C 75°F
July 39°C 102°F 26°C 79°F
August 39°C 102°F 28°C 82°F
September 36°C 97°F 27°C 81°F
October 33°C 91°F 25°C 77°F
November 27°C 81°F 23°C 73°F
December  22°C 72°F 22°C 72°
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