The PADI Specialty diving courses have been  created in order to introduce divers to new experiences, dive environments,and equipment. Some of the courses are only classroom theory. Other specialties vary from one to four dives. You can continue your education at any point in your diving career which will result in a certification that can be applied toward Master Scuba Diver.

AWARE Specialty (Class Room Only)

Project AWARE created this specialty to educate anyone interested in marine life. The classroom topics include the Project AWARE foundation, the aquatic world, coral reefs, aquatic resources in peril, and your role in protecting underwater environments. After completing this one day course, you will be certified as a Project AWARE Specialist.

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AWARE Coral Reef Conservation (Class Room Only)

In this course, you will learn how coral reefs function, why they are important, why so many are in serious trouble, what we can do to prevent further decline, and Project AWARE which is a global advocate for the marine environment. The course takes one day in the classroom and is open to divers and non-divers alike.

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Deep Diver (4 Dives)

What is it like diving between 30 and 40 meters? Is it dark? How are the colors different? How does pressure and gas narcosis affect divers at those depths? In this course, we explore these topics as well as some decompression theory. In order to participate in this specialty, you must have the Adventure Diver certification or higher.

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Digital Underwater Photographer (2 Dives)

“The fish I saw was this big; but, I can’t remember how to describe it.” We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words; but, with our social media accounts we can show our friends and family exactly what we saw and experienced on our dives. This course will teach you the basics of preparing your camera and housing for a dive, buoyancy control for photography, composition, and the PADI SEA method. Through two dives and a photography workshop you can become a Digital Underwater Photographer.

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Enriched Air Diver (2 Dives)

As your diving experience increases, you will notice how comfortable you feel in the water, your buoyancy is effortless, and your breathing rate improves.  If you find that at the end of your dives that there is still ample air in your tank; but, you are approaching the No Decompression Limits (NDL), then Enriched Air is just for you. By increasing the percentage of oxygen in your cylinder the NDL are dramatically increased. This specialty course will teach you the procedures for analyzing Enriched Air tanks and the special safety considerations.The minimum age is 15 for this course.This is the specialty of the month for December.

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Equipment Specialist (Class Room Only)

The Equipment Specialist course does not require any open water training dives; but, the training is equally divided between knowledge development and practical training sessions. Some of what is discussed includes routine, recommended care and maintenance procedures, equipment storage, common problems with equipment, suggestions for configuration, an introduction to new equipment, and guidance on investing in your own dive gear.

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Multi Level Diver (2 Dives)

Have you discovered that you want to stay longer underwater; but, it is time to end the dive because you have approached your No Decompression Limit (NDL) on the Recreational Dive Planner® (RDP)? There are two solutions for this. Diving a multilevel profile of two or three levels using the eRDP-ML® (like a calculator) or a dive computer will significantly increase your bottom time. Learn more about decompression theory and computers and spend more time in the water on these two dives.The minimum age is 12 for this course.

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Night Diver (3 Dives)

Transform your diving experience by going underwater at night. Some of the same things you see during the day look entirely different at night. There are also nocturnal aquatic animals which are rarely seen during the day. During the three dives you will learn procedures for entries and exits, use of dive lights, communication underwater, and navigation skills. The minimum age is 12 for this course.This is the specialty of the month for October.

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Emergency Oxygen Provider (Class Room Only)

In the event that your dive buddy or another diver began exhibiting symptoms of decompression illness, what would you do? The Emergency Oxygen Provider course teaches you the first aid for this and how to properly assemble, disassemble, and use oxygen for both breathing and non-breathing divers. With a day in the classroom (or even on the boat), you can feel confident that you can help a diver in need.

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Peak Performance Buoyancy (2 Dives)

Has it been a while since you were diving? How much weight do you really need? Are you finding that at the end of the dive it is hard to stay underwater? This course is for everyone.  These two training dives are a lot of fun. A number of interesting activities occur that help you maintain neutral buoyancy, determine proper weighting based on exposure suits, trim, streamlining, and fin techniques to use less air and stay longer on your dives.

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Search & Recovery Diver (4 Dives)

This is one of the more challenging specialty courses in which you will discover how to find lost things underwater using different searching and navigation techniques. In addition, to planning and organizing your dive, you will learn how to deal with potential problems with rigging and lifting equipment, and how to safely recover these objects. The minimum age is 12and minimum certification level is Advanced Open Water Diver for this course.

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Underwater Naturalist (2 Dives)

There is so much more to the aquatic environment than fish. During knowledge development and two open water dives, you will be able to locate and identify aquatic plant life, invertebrates, and vertebrates in the Red Sea. Some of the dive theory involves the Linnaeus Classification System, myths and human misperceptions, human interaction, and the Project AWARE foundation.

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Underwater Navigator 3 dives

In this course you will learn natural navigation (without a compass), navigation with compass, how to mark an object or position from the surface, how to estimate distance underwater and much more. You need to be over 10 years old and have Open Water Diver certification.

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Wreck Diver (4 Dives)

You need to be Adventure Diver and be over 15 years. You will make 4 dives and you will learn techniques for diving in shipwrecks and how to avoid common hazards, and techniques for entering wrecks and you will get experience in planning and organizing wreck dives.

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Boat diver (2 Dives)

There are two basic ways to enter the water: by shore or boat. With our purpose built dive boat, Seabreeze, you will learn about specific water entries, nautical terms, boat categories, and emergency/safety equipment. After one day of experience diving from our boat, you will know the difference between bow and stern, how to exit the water like a pro, and demonstrate how to be a responsible boat diver.

CoralWatch Coral Health Chart (2 Dives)

In a partnership program with Project AWARE and the University of Queensland, Australia, divers can make their two dives count toward marine conservation. In the CoralWatch Coral Health Chart distinctive specialty, divers will learn more about marine biology, especially as it relates to coral distribution, growth, and health. You will learn how to identify the four basic types of coral and examine them scientifically to determine the effect of coral bleaching due to global warming. The results of this are then entered into a global database for further scientific study.

    * All the prices for boat diving  include: transportation to the boat and back to the city, full day on the boat, diving guide, lunch (BBQ), soft drinks, hot drinks,snacks between the dives, towels, manual, PIC online and instructor.