Channel your inner Indiana Jones at Petra, witness the amazing landscape of the Wadi Rum desert in a 4×4 and experience the best dive sites of the world at the Red Sea. 



3 DAYS DIVING IN AQABA Famous for its warm blue water and rich marine life, you will enjoy 3 days diving in Aqaba which was once called Aila during the Roman Empire. You’ll make 6 exceptional dives over 3 days, exploring coral gardens and mind-blowing wrecks.
  • 6 exceptional dives
  • Full day on the boat
  • Lunch, snacks, water, hot and cold drinks are included
  • Diving instructors and equipment are provided


1 DAY TOUR IN WADI RUM Starting from the visitors’ center in Wadi Rum that is viewing the famous 7 Pillars of Wisdom, we drive to Rum village where a 4X4 Safari tour begins inside Rum protected area passing by Lawrence Spring, then to the majestic JabalKhazaali surrounded by ancient inscriptions and sand dunes. According to the tour length, we will explore more tracks and trails in the desert like the famous Burda Bridge.
  • A 7 hours4X4 Safari tour is included
  • Lunch is provided


1 DAY TOUR IN PETRA From the main gate of the rose city that is curved out of the multicolored sandstone biblical mount hors through the narrow Siq, reaching one of the most famous archeological sites in the world, the treasury. Following the path to the right, it gradually opens to rows of impressive monumental Nabatean tombs also known as Facades Street. Just past it sits Petra’s massive Nabatean roman theatre. The theatre overlooks carved rocks in the shape of temples, used as tombs, known as the royal tombs during the Christian era, many old tombs were turned into fascinating churches. You’ll walk through the roman road (cardo) to the basin then back to the main gate.
  • The tour is not less than 9 hours
  • Lunch is provided
  • Entrance fees are included


*Accommodation with breakfast for the whole trip is included; the total price depends on the hotel choice. We  offer 4 star hotels and 5 star hotels. Also transportation to all the sites is included.

 For more information you are most welcome to contact us.