1 Dive – Full Equipment/ Boat JOD 60.00 Order Now
1 Dive – Tank & Weights/ Boat JOD 50.00 Order Now
2 Dives – Full Equipment/Boat JOD 90.00 Order Now
2 Dives – Tanks& Weights JOD 70.00 Order Now
3rd – Full Equipment JOD 25.00 Order Now
3rd – Tanks & Weights JOD 20.00 Order Now
Night Dive – Full Equipment JOD 50.00 Order Now
Check dive (during first dive, if not dived in the past 6 months) JOD 10.00 Order Now
Scuba Review (one full day, if not dived in 2 years) JOD 200.00 Order Now
Introductory dive (1 dive) JOD 75.00 Order Now
Discover Scuba Diving (2 dives) JOD 105.00 Order Now
Bubblemaker (1 dive) JOD 75.00 Order Now
Underwater camera rental JOD 40.00 Order Now
Torch JOD 6.00 Order Now
15Liter Air tank JOD 6.00 Order Now
EAN 32% 12 liter Nitrox tank JOD 7.00 Order Now
Snorkeling – from the boat JOD 45.00 Order Now
Private dive guide (per dive) JOD 30.00 Order Now
Diving insurance JOD 5.00 Order Now
Logbook JOD 10.00 Order Now
2 days – 4 dives (full equipment) JOD 170.00 Order Now
2 days – 4 dives (tanks & weights) JOD 140.00 Order Now
3 days – 6 dives (full equipment) JOD 250.00 Order Now
3 days – 6 dives (tanks & weights) JOD 205.00 Order Now
4 days – 8 dives (full equipment) JOD 330.00 Order Now
4 days – 8 dives (tanks & weights) JOD 270.00 Order Now
5 days – 10 dives (full equipment) JOD 410.00 Order Now
5 days – 10 dives (tanks & weights) JOD 335.00 Order Now

*Any additional single dive is to be taken from the daily diving price list.

**All the prices for BOAT diving include: transportation to the boat and back to the city, full day on the boat, diving guide, lunch (BBQ), soft drinks, hot drinks, towels and snacks between the dives.

***Did you know  a Medical Form  is to filled out prior to any type of dives? Save you self time and click on the PDF version of the RSTC Diving Medical Form, fill it out, and bring it to our Dive Center Upon Arrival . Please read the form carefully, and if any of the condition are answered as “Yes” please contact your physician and simply fill out the Diving Medical Clearance Form.

Download Medical Statement