Ahlan Aqaba Scuba Diving Center


We offer amazing and adventurous boat diving and snorkeling trips to the Aqaba Marine Park providing you with the equipment and accessories to enjoy your trip while exploring the aquatic life in the Red Sea. Rentals, consultations and guide services are available and provided by our diving instructors for both certified and non-certified divers. You can also begin or continue your diving education by contacting our training department. Just specify what you are looking for and Contact Us in order to arrange your plan, and help you to become a Master Scuba Diver or a PADI professional. So let our experienced guides show you around some of the best dive sites here in Aqaba.



Our Team

Shadi (#258209)

ShadiShadi comes from Amman. He moved to Aqaba and started working in one of the dive centers here in Aqaba. After he finished his Open Water Diver Course he knew he wanted to become an Instructor and work as a diver. He is very experienced and adept to making learners feel comfortable and confident in the water. His greatest passion is photographing the sealife we encounter, some of his best work is on display in the centre for you to see. You can learn some of his skills doing the Digital Underwater Photographer Specialty Course with him as he is one of the 4% of Instructors that teach it! He is a PADI MSDT Instructor and his teaching specialties are: Digital Underwater Photographer, Enriched Air Diver, Underwater Navigator, Deep Diver and Wreck Diver.



NaseemNaseem is Jordanian, from Aqaba. He has been driving boats for may years. He enjoys all water sports, especially swimming. He is the kind of person to help you as much as he can. Naseem loves snorkeling with our customers and likes showing you all the different reefs and sea life we have here in Aqaba. When you are on the boat he will go beyond his limits to make sure you have fun and have an amazing experience on the Sea Breeze. He speaks Arabic and English fluent. He is also a certified diver as well.


Ahmad is sea boy on our boat the Sea Breeze. He welcomes you on our boat with a smile and a cup of hot tea. Besides taking care of the lines and the ropes, the maintenance and cleaning of the boat, Ahmad makes sure that all customers are in a good mood by preparing delicious food and drinks and putting on some relaxing music.


Is a full time staff member of Aqaba Scuba Diving Center. She originates from Slovenia, and speaks English, Slovenian, Croatian fluently, Arabic is still in a learning process. She takes care of all the paper work in the dive center and will welcome you with a smile and a cup of tea!



Rikki is a PADI Instructor from Great Britain. With a few Specialties, Wreck, Deep, Night, O2, Enriched Air, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Project Aware and Reef Coral Conservation. His back ground was an entertainment manager making all the enjoyable entertainment for the guest inside 5 star hotels. He has been diving for 12 years with great experience and the knowledge of diving and is great with the guest to make them feel at ease when he is doing courses or just plain diving. Rikki speaks English, Russian, Arabic, Italian, German and French. He has a big passion for diving and the oceans also he loves to keep our oceans clean and the environment clean doing many beach clean ups. When he is not diving he plays Rugby Union which is also is a big passion for him. Once you meet him we are sure you will be happy as he takes good care of our guest and makes them feel at home.



Reda is originally from Egypt. He is fluent in Arabic and tries to learn whatever language customers bring to our dive center. This big friendly giant takes care of all the dive equipment, setting up the gear and preparing the customers for the dive. Reda makes sure that all customers can begin and end their dives with a smile.