South Bay


Dive: Reef, Wreck
Depth: max – 12 meters / 40 feet

Easy entry over grass to where the reef starts at 2 – 3 m. Lots of interesting invertebrate life in the shallows... Swim through the pinnacles and then turn in towards the shore to another set of pinnacles "the Fairy Ring".... Continue south at 8 m where patchy coral makes way for grass and sand till you will see in 6m an M40 anti-aircraft tracked vehicle ("The Tank") scuttled in September 1999 to create an artificial reef.


Dive: Reef
Depth: max – 40 meters / 130 feet

The dive usually consists of a route around the canyons with a tour around a series of table corals at varying depths. The site has a wide array of coral species and fish including lots of Scorpionfish, Frogfish and Stonefish in addition to the odd Octopus and large Eel.


Dive: Reef
Depth: max – 90 meters / 300 feet

This site is named for a large coral boulder which looks yellowish when viewed from the surface and is in line with a large unusual yellow rock located 500 m inland from the dive site. With the deeper depths of this reef at over 30m, deep divers may experience some of the larger sealife we have here such as stingrays and Napoleon Fish.


Dive: Reef
Depth: max – 36 meters / 120 feet

This site is named for the abundance of blue corals found here. The site has a nice mix of sea-grass beds and sandy patches with three main spurs of coral reefs running to shore starting at 10 m and extending to 50 m.


Dive: reef
Depth: max – 18 meters / 60 feet

Named for a diver from New Zealand who discovered this dive site. The site consists primarily of dense sea-grass beds along a steep slope. At a depth of 30 m a series of small coral pinnacles litter the bottom creating small clusters of self-contained ecosystems. Here you can see Moray Eels and Lionfish. This site is very popular for underwater photography.

Moon Valley and Puffer Rock

Dive: Reef
Depth: max – 40 meters / 130 feet

Named after a famous valley in Wadi Rum, this site drops off steeply. Lots of Unicorn fish, some large Napoleon Wrasses, large shoals of sardines and fusiliers are common at this site. The site also has lots of nice soft coral in addition to the heavy coral coverage.


Dive: Reef
Depth: max – 30 meters / 100 feet

A gentle slope with patch corals leads to a pinnacle and cave at the edge of a wall at greater than 40 m. Working back up to the south we encounter soft coral gardens at 10-15m. Stingrays and Eagle Rays are common in this area.


Dive: Reef
Depth: max – 40 meters / 130 feet

To the North is an extensive coral area with coral ranging to a depth greater than 60 m with sandy sea-grass patches between the coral reefs. To the South is an extensive sea-grass bed with a series of coral clusters usually inhabited by Eels, Torpedo Rays and Napoleon Wrasse along with the occasional Turtle. This is the last dive site within the Marine Park’s boundaries.